Vign'heroes - Wine cellar discovery


Welcome to the group game Vign'heroes at the Caveau des vignerons d'Aran!

Since over 25 years, the winemakers of Villette have united  to open a place to showcase and promote their production. Nowadays, the association of the Villette winemakers numbers 9 producers always ready to introduce you to their wines and to share with you the passion that motivates them.

Congratulations ! You are now a winemaker in Lavaux, hoping to fill up your wine press at the next harvest... But before that, can you handle the illnesses and pests that threaten your grapes? Will the weather be your ally, or will it rather favour the ever devastating fungi? Will you choose the right strategies, will you make the right choices to make the best of your harvest?

The Vign’Heroes game takes you on a discovery of this exciting job and allows you to better know the challenges the winemaker has to face all along the season. The outdoor trail leads you amid the vines in a breathtaking landscape and takes place in any weather.


Come play the game every Saturday and Sunday between July and September between 10h00 and 17h00. Last game begins at 16h00. Game instructions at the welcome desk.

Book your date right now right here and then come whenever you want while we are open.

Welcome !


Languages spoken

French, German, English



Meeting point: in front of the wine cellar, under the plane tree --> Rue du Village 2, 1091 Grandvaux

Public transportation : Grandvaux or Villette stations, 20min. walk

Car : Public car park nearby

Map hereunder to see the itinerary


Getting there

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