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Nox Orae Package

Founded in 2010, Nox Orae is a music festival on a wholesome scale. Its line-up stays well away from the all too common commercial routes. A...

  • 1 night stay in the hotel of your choice
  • 1 ticket per person
  • 1 gift per reservation
  • Montreux Riviera Card 
From 152,00 CHF per person

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Package Montreux Jazz Festival 2024

Enjoy the festival to the most with this package hotel + tickets THE OFFER INCLUDES Ticket for one of the two paying stages (Scène du Lac, Casino)...

  • Night at the hotel
  • Ticket
  • Voucher worth CHF 49.-
  • Montreux Riviera Card
From 190,50 CHF per person

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